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Anuk Naumann

Anuk says of her paintings; ‘the process which leads me to a finished painting often involves a series of discoveries. Although I decide upon the subject of the painting before I begin, I rarely know what the final result will be. I never draw the outline but compose the picture as I work which gives me a feeling of discovery. Shapes appear as I apply planes of colour which I exploit by painting layer upon layer and scrapping back to the colour underneath.’


Steven Tandy

Steven Tandy specialises in the painting of Still Life. He uses oil paint on small panels and paints in a realistic manner. He is much inspired by the great artists of the past, learning to love this humble genre from such great artists as Caravaggio, Chardin and Cezanne.

He works directly from life, attempting to convey the beauty of the subject matter by faithfully depicting what he sees. He delights in the rendering of detail and the meticulous method this necessitates.


Carole Baker

Carole returns to Ingleby Gallery for her third solo show with a brand new body work inspired by some of her favourite places where she paints on location, loosing herself in the landscape - absorbing sounds, smells and textures and most importantly the light. Her paintings have vitality, intrigue and movement and encourage the viewer to look for longer. She paints in acrylic and mixed media.


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